Adepts of Vale


The eight Adepts who broke the seal and released Alchemy into the world saving it! (Weyard Year 2001)
Age: 21 Gender: Male Element: Venus/Earth
Felix led a long journey the past six years. Grew up in Vale along with his friends Isaac, Garet and his sister Jenna. A freak storm triggered by Alchemy washed over Vale as he and his parents were washed away in a river. (Y: 1998)

They would be found and rescued by the Mars Clan and held as hostages. He would work with them to steal the Elemental Stars and go on a journey to light the lighthouses releasing the seal on Alchemy three years later. (Y: 2001)

He would be pursued by Isaac and his friends and ultimately understand one another that the seal on Alchemy MUST be broken or Weyard will eventually erode
and destroy itself. They would succeed and Weyard would be saved.

Felix, however feeling he betrayed his hometown would disappear
and never be seen again.  

Through a freak miracle, Felix would reemerge again unchanged in
appearence in Weyard in the year 2030!
Age: 20 Gender: Male Element: Venus/Earth
A young student of Alchemy who lived in the mountain town of Vale
with his friends Garet, Jenna and Felix. A storm 6 years ago took his father,
Jennas parents and Felix. (Or so they thought)

Three years following the storm (Y: 2001), the keys to Alchemy would be stolen
by Felix and the Mars Clan. Isaac would lead a group of Adepts along with Garet,
Ivan and Mia to pursue Felix and stop them from lighting the four Lighthouses.

Their paths would cross again and after fully understanding the stakes of not
releasing Alchemy, Isaac and Felix's groups would join forces to SAVE Weyard
from certain destruction.

Three years following their adventure Isaac remains in Vale with Jenna and Garet. 
(Y: 2004)
Age: 20 Gender: Female Element: Mars/Fire
A hotheaded girl who's not afraid to speak her mind,
Jenna grew up in Vale along with Isaac, Garet and her older brother Felix.

Jenna's gone through much in her life having thought to losing her brother
and parents six years ago, only to reunite as a hostage by the Mars Clan as
they set forth to light the Lighthouses and release Alchemy. 

Isaac's party eventually meets up with Felix and Jenna and they join forces
to restore Alchemy and prevent complete destruction of Weyard. 

Jenna resides now in Vale with Isaac and Garet still under "Village arrest".
Age: 20 Gender: Female Element: Mercury/Water
A caring Healer who dedicated her life to the Mercury Clan in Imil.
Mia, along with her former apprentice Alex have protected the Mercury Lighthouse
for years honoring the tradition of keeping it unlit.

Alex goes rogue however and teams up with the Mars Clan and Felix
to light all the Lighthouses, betraying the Mercury Clan and Mia in the process.

Devastated, Mia joins with Isaac's group to stop them. Eventually, the two groups, minus Alex understand one another and vow to restore Alchemy to Weyard after knowing the fate of the world should Alchemy remained sealed.

Three years following, Mia is still Imil's healer and also helps Isaac and his friends rebuild their hometown Vale, destroyed by the Golden Sun event. (Y: 2004)
Age: 17 Gender: Female Element: Jupiter/Wind
A spunky young girl whos origins are a mystery.
She was adopted in a small desert town of Lalivero in the Gondowan continent
but whispers say she came from an Ancient Clan of Jupiter Adepts with the
power to fly and go to the Moon. 

Sheba one day wishes to explore Weyard fully
and backtrack her ancestry and figure out where she came from.

During her previous adventure, she was held hostage by the Mars Clan 
but ultimately freed by Felix and set off on a journey to light the
Lighthouses and save Weyard.

Lately, Sheba still lives in Lalivero, but has been experiencing
disturbing premonitions of danger. 
(Y: 2004)
Age: 17 Gender: Male Element: Jupiter/Wind
A quiet, intelligent young boy who met Isaac and Garet early in their quest to
stop Felix and the Mars Clan. Isaac's group have helped Ivan before several times
and after learning of Weyard's destruction, he joined Isaac on their journey for good.

Ivan is a Jupiter Adept, a rarity among Adepts where Mars and Venus are more common. Like Sheba, he was taken in and adopted by a wealthy merchant family
in the Kingdom of Kalay. 

Three years after Alchemy is released(Y: 2004), Ivan joins Sheba to Vale to
help assist in the reconstruction efforts caused by the Golden Sun
striking Mt. Aleph!
Age: 20 Gender: Male Element: Mars/Fire
Garet is the tall, hulking best friend to Isaac and Jenna. He's a big ham,
somewhat of what you call a "lovable brute", incredible strength but lacking
in the imagination dept.

He's the one usually being the comedic relief to Isaac's straight man personality.
Easily impressed and wants to explore more of the world, especially the ocean.

He journeyed with Isaac to stop the Mars Clan from unleashing Alchemy
upon Weyard, originally thought to destroy the world, but instead 
would end up SAVING it as believed and confirmed by Felix and his friends.

Nowadays, Garet spends his time in Vale telling stories of his adventures
than helping to rebuild his hometown, to the disappointment of his friends!
Age: Looks 25 Gender: Male Element: Mercury/Water
A soft spoken man from an ancient forgotten land across the sea called Lemuria. 
This forgotten land had long been sealed away in a thick fog and from other civiizations. The enchanted waters surrounding it has caused slowed aging to its inhabitants and therefore Lemurians have lived far longer than anyone else.

The King of Lemuria had sent Piers to the outside world to explore what was happening to the decaying Weyard. Ultimately this would lead Piers to Felix
and would team up to join his cause and free Alchemy's incredible power!

Piers still acts as a representative of Lemuria hoping that one day the once
forgotten civilization can one day integrate into modern Weyard society. 

Recently, Piers has been helping in the reconstruction of Vale. (Y: 2004)