Adepts: CH03-110

11th Feb 2021, 10:00 AM in Chapter Three: Adepts
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Adepts: CH03-110
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Author Notes:

Lady Ani 11th Feb 2021, 10:00 AM edit delete
Lady Ani
Alex and Mia, the remaining two members of the Mercury Clan.

To get more into the lore for a bit, the four elements (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) had large Clans and Civilizations in ages past. These Adepts like the ones here in the story can use their elements to their behalf. Much like the power system in other shows and fantasy series (bending, Mana, Magic etc), these are their "powers".

Alchemy was sealed away in the past because of it being misused and causing destruction and war, and because of that, the Clans and civilizations of the past had ceased to exist as well as peoples ability to use Psynergy.
People moved on, had families, bloodlines mixed and the "Lost Ages" of Alchemy had remained a thing of the past.

Mia, her father, and Alex remain the last pure Mercury Adepts in this present timeline.
Pure Blooded Adepts derive from other people by having much stronger Psynergy ability, nonmixed bloodlines, and are able to easily use it much more freely, with or without the help of an Elemental Star or lit Lighthouse.
Pure blooded Adepts are best at being Warriors (like our eight protags in this story) and "weaker" Adepts use their Psynergy not for battle but for practical use like Vale's mountain people.

Back to Clans, there is another Mercury Clan, that we will touch on later on.

As for the Jupiter Clans, they are also "extinct" save for Sheba and Ivan who are also pure blooded Jupiter Adepts.

Venus Clan are people who are centered in Vale who protect the Elemental Stars within Mt. Aleph.
Garet, Jenna, Isaac and Felix originate here!

The Mars Clan, we will also touch on over the course of this comic!
Non Adept humans are the majority of people living in Weyard who have forgotten what Alchemy, Psynergy and Adepts are.

Happy Thursday!

- Ani