Creda Main Characters

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  Toumeya Marina Aquios
Age: Looks 37 Gender: Female Element: Mercury/Water
An educator of young kids and serves under Creda's Leader:
"Lady Oracle"! She has also shown to have water and ice powers.

She has two Guardians: Marie and Skye.

Toumeya also LOVES to dance and party with Creda's inhabitants during their Unity Ball held monthly.
Age: 21 Gender: Male Element: Venus/Earth
A man from the past. He was discovered on the surface bleeding
and injured by Marie who took him underground
and tended to his injuries.

When he awoke and met with Skye and Toumeya, he told them he was fighting in a huge battle with several others. 
Age: 17 Gender: Male Role: Creda Guardian
A Guardian of Creda sworn to protect Toumeya and its inhabitants. Skye is a rather quiet boy but shows wisdom and upstanding demeanour. He trains with Toumeya most of the time and rarely with Marie.
The two don't see eye to eye which makes things tense,
but he knows the protection of Creda's inhabitants are top priority. 

He's also shown signs of having unusual powers.
Age: 16 Gender: Female Role: Creda Guardian
A Guardian of Creda sworn to protect Toumeya and its inhabitants. Marie spends most of her time patrolling the surface from fiends and threats. She is very young but has trained a long time. 

Her past is still unknown early on and she does show signs of being unstable. She and Skye do not get along whatsoever.
  "Lady Oracle"
Age: Looks 80+ Gender: Female Role: Creda's Leader
The Leader of Creda. 

She seems to know Felix who told him she fought alongside him in
the past. S
he told Felix her actual name is Mia.
Age: ??? Gender: Male

A former Adept that appeared years ago and was the destructive catalyst that led to the ruined state of the world today! 

He assimilated the four elements of Alchemy into his being
that granted him ultimate power, but to how he acquired the
Elements is unknown. All attempts to stop him had failed
and no one was prepared when his onslaught began.

These horrifying events would be refered to as "The Alchemy War"
His motivation as to why he did all this has been a mystery.