A fan comic based from the RPG Golden Sun!

Creda tells the story of three survivors living in the last populated village working to rebuild civilization again following the great Alchemy War of the past. That battle would pit heroes against a powerful enemy wielding the four Elements of Alchemy and everything on the line. The battle would be lost however and the world would begin its steady fall to destruction.

Years later, a miracle appears when one of the heroes in that final battle suddenly appears in the present day. The three survivors band together with their new ally and experience something they’ve never had before: HOPE!


Content Warning: mild fantasy violence and some strong language.
UPDATES: Tuesday @ 10AM EST / 7AM PST


Golden Sun Characters and original lore are (C) NINTENDO/CAMELOT
CREDA Characters and Story are (C) LADYANIDRAWS/Me
MEDIA: Red Pencils (Layout) | CLIP STUDIO | PHOTOSHOP 


About The Artist | LadyAniDraws

Hiya, my name is Ani, I'm a Southern California native who has been drawing ever since I was 8 years old. As a total 90’s kid, I grew up during the prime of Power Rangers, Toonami anime, Beast Wars and other shows.

I work as a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator having been drawing art and comics in various fandoms and animation. I have experience in comic work, illustration, original work, graphic design, layout and background, video editing and production.

- Ani