CREDA Announcement - (New Fantasy Webcomic)

7th Dec 2019, 4:44 PM in Announcements
CREDA Announcement - (New Fantasy Webcomic)
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Lady Ani 7th Dec 2019, 4:44 PM edit delete
Lady Ani
Hello, I'm Ani, a refugee from the sinking ship called SM*CKJEEVES. Because of their layout change, I'm fully dedicating this site as a permanent Comic hosting site for Creda.

I'm glad to be here, I'm thankful for CF having the means to be able to convert SJ templates and move em over to here. I'm very excited for the future and posting my stories on here.


So, what IS Creda?

This concept was not a new idea. In fact I've been developing this series for over 10+ YEARS now!

The concept behind it is that I've long been a huge fan of the N*ntendo RPG Golden Sun!

I've fallen in love with that series ever since the games were first released for the Gameboy Advance in 2001!

The lore, the battle system, the characters, the story had pulled me in and is by far my favorite RPG series EVER!

And I wanted to contribute more to this incredible series. Around 2008 I created a "first draft" at making comics but fell out of it since looking back the writing, characters was pretty terrible and really wanted a do-over. I made mistakes, learned from them and am now better prepared!

The original premise was called "Golden Sun Generations!" over at Sm*ckjeeves.

Deep down I always wanted to go back and work on this series that been in my head for YEARS!
So 2018, I said, it's time to finally do something about it and now I can happily say that I. AM. READY.

Ready to tell this story, after years of development, blood, sweat and tears. ^.^

These will be a page a day format and will be posted on COMIC FURY, DEVIANTART, and WEBTOONS (TBA)

Do not worry if you never heard of the lore of Golden Sun, I will be explaining the basic rules of Alchemy through the story as time goes on, so you won't miss anything to new readers. ^.^

I'm just happy to contribute again to this fandom that has been silent for a good number of years.

So, welcome to any new readers and I hope you enjoy this ride come in the new year!!

- Ani <3


- 2019
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